For sale

For sale in September 2016

Loom Bench ~ Adjustable height, small compact size, $40.
Contact Jannie Taylor, , or 805-543-7467.

Majacraft Rose Double Treadle Spinning Wheel with bobbin holder (can be used as a lazy kate), delta flyer and fine orifice flyer, 7 plastic bobbins, extra yarn guides, extra new drive band, Lace flyer with two lace bobbins, Jumbo plying flyer with three jumbo wooden bobbins. Excellent condition. Asking $1350.00 Will not split the package of items. Value $1784.50
Shaker Walking Wheel made in Sabbathlake, Maine in the mid 1800's. Makers mark is JH. Working wheel with restored Miners Head (not original to wheel) Asking $300.00
Norwood 4 shaft Cherry Folding Floor Loom ~ Weaving width 32 inches. Old loom in good working condition. Currently has a 9 yard unbleached 8/2 cotton warp on it. Back beam is sectional with the ability to convert to plain back beam. Asking $275.00
Walling 4 shaft Floor Loom ~ 45 weaving width, sectional back beam that can convert to plain back beam. Very comfortable sturdy loom. Can be taken apart very easily to move or store. Asking $350.00
Loom bench of no particular make; $50.00 with purchase of one of above looms. Will not sell separate.
Large warping board ~ $50.00
Contact for all of the above items: Gina Kurze 805-441-8703 or

Timbertops Sherwood, double treadle with Timbertops chair, $900. Timbertops Leicester, single treadle, $1400.
Timbertops Chair Wheel, double treadle, $2,300.
Jensen Tina ll with WW, WW bobbins, unfinished Jensen Kate, the spindle of the tensioning knob is broken but can be replaced. This is a vintage wheel in lovely condition $1500
Paradis CPW, comes with 1 bobbin. This wheel was collected by homeowners in the "avocado paint era" they painted it avocado green and it was only part of their home decor. Works perfectly, $200.
Antique Skippertje Dutch wheel, restored by Ron Antoine $175.
John Westlake wheel, wood unknown, but it's very heavy, possibly mahogany, $650 (this is not the wheel I bring to spinners with amazing wood)
For more info & photos contact Denise Schryver 805-440-4579 or Most prices are negotiable, talk to Denise.