Looms for sale

Two loom from Marya

Marya Bolyantaz has two looms for sale. Please contact her at sloartfibers@att.net

Studio Handcraft

Studio Handcraft Jack loom 8 harness 10 treadle. This was originally a 4 harness loom with room to add. Mike Rude made the additional harnesses and lams. Excellent condition. Asking $800 OBO.
Side view of folded, compact floor loom
front view of loom with weaving in progress


Harrisville folding workshop loom. 8 harness 10 treadle, 22” weaving width. Excellent condition. This loom has floating lams made of plastic covered wire. It comes with 8 dent reed and sectional back beam in addition to the regular back beam. It has small footprint when folded or extended. Asking $800 OBO.
Front view of the warped loom
Side view of folded loom