Fall 2019 meetings


Second Thursday of the month, 9:45 – 12:30am. Join us at the United Methodist Church in SLO; 1515 Fredericks St., in the Terrace Room. Light refreshments are provided; bring something for “Show & Tell”; weaving/spinning related items for the raffle; and a few dollars to buy raffle tickets.

Sept 12 Expanded Show & Tell

The September program is all about you! Whether you created something during a workshop at the CNCH conference or during the Summer & Winter workshop or wove something on your own during the summer months, this is a chance to SHOW us your work and TELL us all about it. If you won a ribbon for a special piece at the Mid-State Fair, bring that to the meeting, as well. September is your chance to shine and to share your knowledge with others!

Oct 10 Which Floor Loom is Right for You?

The program will feature a panel of weavers who will discuss the looms that they use, and answer questions about the attributes and drawbacks of various looms. Looms to be discussed include the AVL Compu-Dobby, the Öxabäck drawloom, the Louet Countermarche, the Schacht Wolf Pup and Baby Wolf, Macomber looms, the Gilmore floor loom and the Leclerc Nilus. Whether you are looking for your first floor loom, or thinking about a more advanced loom, or if you are simply interested in how various looms work, the October meeting is a must!


10:00 – 2:00, usually the last Saturday of the month, usually in member’s homes; potluck lunch unless otherwise noted; bring items for Show & Tell.

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Mid-State Fair 2019

It was very encouraging that this year we had dozens of wonderful entries in so many categories. There are plans to add a few more categories next time, so we are hoping for even more participation in 2020. The fourth “Ena Marston Award for Excellence in Weaving” was awarded to Camille Nelson for her krokbragd rug.

Special thanks to all of you who came to demonstrate on two separate days. Fair goers of all ages were delighted by the demonstrations of weaving and spinning.