Late Fall 2019


Second Thursday of the month, 9:45 – 12:30am. Join us at the United Methodist Church in SLO; 1515 Fredericks St., in the Terrace Room. Light refreshments are provided; bring something for “Show & Tell”; weaving/spinning related items for the raffle; and a few dollars to buy raffle tickets.

November 14 The history and evolution of Lunatic Fringe Yarns

Michele Belson is the founder of Lunatic Fringe Yarns, a company that is well known for its Tubular Spectrum of brightly colored cottons. Today Lunatic Fringe has expanded its repertoire and has added the American Maid naturally colored cottons to its inventory — along with an entire line of hemps, and some lovely wools.  At our November meeting, Michele will tell the guild how her company evolved from a backyard dyeing party into one of the most highly respected woman-owned yarn companies in the United States.  And of course, Michele is bringing many products to sell, so be sure to bring cash!

No Thursday meeting in December


10:00 – 2:00, usually the last Saturday of the month, usually in members’ homes; potluck lunch unless otherwise noted; bring items for Show & Tell.

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