Annual Sale & Guild Showcase

Many guild members participate and several are nationally-known weavers, whose woven items are in demand.  Every item offered for sale or on display is locally handcrafted. Most items are woven, but you will find spun, felted, braided and knit items as well.

You will find garments such as scarves, hats, shawls, ruanas, jackets, vests and children’s sweaters, as well as jewelry made from fiber, metal and beads.

There are dishtowels in every size and color, table runners, baby blankets and hand woven rugs. There is often handwoven fabric. If our members submit other woven, spun, braided or knitted items for sale, we will have those, too!

The showcase includes displays of different types of weaving and spinning, with demonstrations and opportunities to try weaving and spinning for yourself. Our members enjoy sharing their craft.

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