June picnic

It’s the finale of the Guild Year: the annual June picnic and tag sale. This year we're celebrating its 25th anniversary! Visit with friends, enjoy an outstanding potluck lunch, admire the work of your fellow Guild members, view the completed Challenge Projects, and add to or reduce your collection of yarn and other treasures via the Tag Sale. There will be shopping, eating, visiting, showing and telling; another great Guild get together!

This year's edition will take place at Betty Polansky's home in the South:

Saturday June 9th, 10am to 2pm

836 Ballard Canyon Road, Solvang.

(parking is usually in the lot a bit further than the house, clearly marked)


  • Your Weaver's Challenge project
  • potluck picnic fare
  • items for the tag sale (clearly labeled with your name and price)
  • your check book or ready cash for any irresistible bargains (or your dues, or the apron you ordered)
  • something you’ve created this year for Show & Tell.

Please see the map drawn by Betty's husband below

Hands-on meeting – Convergence goodies

The Saturday guild meeting is this Saturday, Feb 24, at the Strawbale Barn, from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm

One way that the guild is participating in Convergence 2018 is by providing items for the goodie bags. Among other things, we will be making handmade, unique note cards on Saturday.

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Guild 2017 challenge results

The yearly guild challenge for 2017 was to use ‘complementary plain weave’ (aka ‘diversified plain weave’, or ‘double-faced plain weave with overshot patterning’ ) to make something. This is generally used to weave thick mats, but with no floats to catch on anything, so it’s very practical for household items. There is a lot of potential for pattern variation, as long as you use reasonably contrasting colors.  So here are the results of what inspired guild members.

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Guild 2018 challenge

For the 2018 version of the challenge, guild members should weave or create (by any another textile method) a scarf (at least 70″ long) using the 3 initials of the Central Coast Weaving Guild name (ie CCW).  Use colors corresponding to each initial, either listed in the examples below, or use the Pantone site to visualize them or find others to suit you.  So you must use two  ‘C’ colors, a ‘W’ color, and then anything else you’d like to go with those.  You can use the 2014 challenge colors again, or whichever ones you can think of.  The results will be presented to the whole guild at the annual picnic in June 2018.

Have fun!


Cerise Cerulean Copper Chocolate Chartreuse Cobalt Corn Carrot Cranberry


White Walnut Watermelon Wisteria Waterfall Whiskey Wheat Wine Wintergreen

Crocheted button necklace

Crochet button necklace

You knew that D'Elin, our crochet jewelry expert, had more than one trick up her sleeve? She taught some of us an easy version of a crochet button necklace at the Saturday 24th September 2016 meeting. Buttons can be stacked, but hang from a thick central chain as dangles. Her pattern has long and short variations.

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