Calendar for members

Have you noticed the new calendar? It’s only visible to members so we can include private information like addresses for small events. Naturally the main listings are for guild events. We’re including some regional info for textile events like shows and classes, mostly those the members or friends are involved in of course. Please contact us if you’d like your event listed.

Surprise change of look

More update hassles

Very sorry, another update seemed to have broken something else... This time, it was menus that were destroyed. Rather than leave the site in an unuseable state for many people, I brutally changed the theme to something else. You may notice some very strange looks here and there, but the fonctionality should be all fine. I'll work on making it more consistent over the next few days.

The main change you might notice is that the 'login' box you used to see in the right column is now at the bottom of the page.
The sliver lining: the site is now 100% ADA-compliant, which should improve things for some of our audience.

All my apologies - M-C