Breeding Naturally colored cotton – EARLY!

PLEASE NOTE that this program is a week earlier than usual!

Sally Fox is a pioneer in the field of breeding and cultivating organic, naturally colored cotton on her farm in the Capay Valley area of Yolo County. She is also a Cal Poly graduate and a former Guild member. Sally will discuss her personal history of breeding cotton and her attempts to commercially develop the naturally colored cottons, which come in wonderful shades of brown, sienna and green.

Meet at the Strawbale Barn, 9156 Santa Margarita Rd., Atascadero. You might want to bring some cash because Sally will be selling her fiber, yarn and cotton fabric (and some organic wheat seeds). If you can easily tuck a chair or two into your car, please do so; we may get a large crowd and want to have seats for everyone. We will be joined by the Seed Exchange Group, which will bring seedy presents for the participants.

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