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We don’t collect much data about you, for instance we don’t do any Google Analytics. We could analyze a bit how you behave here if we tried, but we don’t really care to. Mostly because this site is squarely aimed at a real-life group, and we trust you to tell us directly what you like and want.

We do use cookies, because cookies are an essential tool to establish a web session. And we very much want to know whether you’re logged in or not, because there is a lot of content that we don’t want to ever expose to the public (like pictures of you, meeting minutes etc). We are very careful to only allow guild members to register.

By becoming a member you consent to having us send you guild activity information. By registering on this site you consent to having us send it to your electronically, and you can get more details than on paper. You may also connect with us on social media and get even more slightly more random tidbits. Apart from that, you won’t be hearing from us more than a couple times a month on average, and it’ll all be textile related.

In short, we only collect basic info about you, and we don’t sell it, or share it with anyone.

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