Weaving organizations

CNCH, the Conference of California Handweavers, is our mother ship, the umbrella organization that gathers all our local guilds. It organizes annual gatherings and conferences which are not too far, affordable, and a really good way to further your education.

HGA, the Handweavers Guild of America, is the national organization. It organizes Convergence, a massive bi-annual conference with the best of everything.

Weaving friends

The guild has some special weaving friends, many of whom taught workshops at some time and are still mentoring members at a distance.

Inge Dam worked out how to incorporate tablet weaving into fabrics woven on the loom

Diane Totten specializes in “crimp cloth”, a variation of shibori.

Bonnie Inouye’s work is characterized by flowing lines, intriguing textures, bold images.

Tien Chiu writes about designing beautiful cloth, with a special emphasis on color.

Nearby guilds

Santa Barbara Weavers Guild is our nearest sister organization, with many interesting programs.


Internet site “” is an amazing resource for weavers all over the world. There are literally thousands of drafts and manuscripts on the site available for viewing or downloading. Until recently this has been a free service, depending on donations to keep afloat. Unfortunately, expenses now exceed the generosity of donors and they find they need to ask users to subscribe at a small monthly or yearly fee.

Check it out at and please consider subscribing.

Sheep shearing

From Cathy Stapleton:

“There is a new sheep shearer who does small flocks in the area. I just had him out to shear my shetlands and he was kind, competent and informative The fleeces look great. His name is Alex Karol, he lives in Templeton, and his phone is 617-947-3561.”

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