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Guild By-Laws

The Guild presents periodic workshops for the education and enrichment of guild members. Workshops are generally expected to be self-supporting. Workshop presenters may be Guild members, but are often craftspersons of note and standing who have been invited to present an agreed-upon workshop.

  • Workshops are open to all Guild members. Members are responsible for deciding whether the workshop is suited to their interests and skill set.
  • Workshop fees are nonrefundable and are due upon registration.
  • Non-members may register and attend workshops if space allows, with Guild members having first priority.
  • The workshop coordinator is responsible for all aspects of the workshop program.
  • When a workshop is being planned by any other group (VP for Programs, VP for Saturday meetings, SIGs), the planner will communicate/coordinate her plans with the Workshop Coordinator who will advise whether a completed Guild contract form is needed.

Approved by the Board – August 20, 2013. Amended August 22, 2017.

Get to Meetings

We have an assistance program for our members who are no longer driving or are otherwise transportation impaired. If you need a ride to a guild event or are willing to provide transportation, contact Gina Kurze at or 441-8703, a few days before any meeting and she will try to make a connection for you.

Teach-it Forward Grants


A limited number of grants of up to $100 are available to Guild members to further their education and awareness of weaving and spinning at any skill level. It is available to Guild members for their own advancement and for enriching the experience of other Guild members.


  • The Guild budgets $500 per year for the grant program. Any unused funds are returned to the general budget at the end of the year.
  • Grants are available to active contributing Guild members.
  • If the program or event for which the grant money was received is cancelled or if the grantee is unable to fulfill any of the grant’s requirements, the funds will be returned to the guild.
  • Members are limited to one grant per year.


  • A Teach-It-Forward Grant committee, comprised of 3 members, one of whom is a Board member, administers all aspects of the program.
  • Each applicant will fill out the application form, stating their objectives and describing how they plan to share the experience with the Guild.
  • Applications will be submitted to the committee chair.
  • The committee will review the application and render their decision on a timely basis.
  • Recipients must make their presentation to the Guild within a year of the event and coordinate their presentation with the program coordinator(s).

How to Apply

Please contact Ruth Rusch to apply, at or 805-239-8779. Here is the Application Form.

Approved by the Board August 20, 2013.


Got something you no longer want? Pass It Forward to someone who could use it. The terms are simply that if the new owner finds they no longer need the item, they promise to Pass It Forward for free, if possible giving priority to guild members. If you have something to pass forward, either bring it to a guild meeting or contact Jannie Taylor, 543-7467 or, so she can get the word out. Pictures may be helpful if this is an item not generally available.

Note that the guild usually holds a Pass-It-Forward event in the Spring to allow members to have a massive exchange of tools and materials. Additional such events may be held as donations come in.

Guild Equipment


  • The guild maintains a small collection of equipment for use by guild members. Most items are spinning wheels and table or other small looms.
  • Equipment may be acquired by purchase or by donation. The guild reserves the right to refuse any piece of equipment that does not meet the needs of the guild.
  • The equipment manager is responsible for inventorying, housing, and lending the equipment.


  • The equipment manager will inventory the equipment and maintain an up-to-date inventory. She will be responsible for labeling and assigning ID numbers to the equipment.
  • The manager will either house equipment not in circulation or arrange for suitable storage.


  • Only Guild members will be allowed to borrow equipment.
  • Equipment will be lent for an initial 3 month period, and a refundable $50 security deposit will be collected.
  • Borrower may renew the 3 month term three times for a maximum of 12 months, but only if no other requests are pending.
  • The manager is responsible for collecting deposit, making sure the equipment is being used properly and accepting the returned equipment.


  • The guild may remove equipment from the collection as it sees fit.
  • Withdrawn materials may be raffled to Guild members or sold.

Approved by the Board August 20, 2013

Charitable Donations

The Guild has non-profit corporation status through its membership in the Conference of Northern California Handweavers. Due to this status, the Guild can accept charitable donations and provide the donor with its tax I.D. number.

  • The Guild accepts donations in the form of money, weaving or spinning equipment, library materials and supplies.
  • The Guild reserves the right to refuse any donation for any reason.
  • The Guild reserves the right to resell or donate items for which it does not have an immediate or foreseeable use.
  • For significant donations, the Guild presents to the donor a thank-you letter and a tax document if requested.
  • The Guild does not make appraisals of the value of donations for tax purposes.
  • Any donation of equipment or supplies that would require significant storage space or that couldn’t easily be distributed through the monthly raffle or other give-away programs must be approved by the Guild Board before it can be accepted by the Guild.
  • Donation must be officially accepted by the Guild Board on behalf of the Guild before a tax document can be issued to a donor.

Approved by the Board – August 20, 2013. Amended February 17, 2015.

Special Interest Groups

Special Interest Groups (SIG) are groups within the Central Coast Weavers Guild whose
members are interested in a specific topic and want to further their learning about topic. They
will meet separately from the main guild meetings (Thursday and Saturday meetings). The
groups themselves will determine their meeting times and locations and rules.

A member or group of members wishing to start a SIG will present their proposal to the Board.
The Board will approve, if appropriate. The Draft, the Web site and announcements at Guild
functions can be used to draw a membership.

All Guild Members are welcome to all Special Interest Group meetings. The SiG meetings and
their future activities will be announced via the Draft and announcements at both Thursday and
Saturday meetings.

The Board encourages Special Interest Groups to share their progress and results with the
wider membership.

All Special Interest Groups must coordinate specialized workshops, activities, and programs
with the appropriate chairman i.e. 1st Vice president (Program Chair), 2nd Vice President/s
(Saturday Chair) Workshop Chair to make sure all bases are covered and no overlap occurs.
SIG Workshops must be self funding.

Approved by the Board – August 22, 2017.

Eligibility to Participate in Annual Sale and Showcase


  1. Any member living within San Luis Obispo and Northern Santa Barbara* counties is eligible to sell their handmade creations according to the published annual Sale Rules. (*Northern Santa Barbara County is defined as anything north of Gaviota Pass.)
  2. Each in-area seller is required to work at least 4 hours over the sale week-end, unless prior arrangements have been made.
  3. Any member who lives outside of the area defined above and has participated in the sale as a seller or support staff at some point over the last 2 years, would continue to be eligible to sell their handmade creations according to the published annual Sale Rules.
  4. Out-of-area sellers would be expected to contribute to the sale effort beyond the required 4 hours. This extra help could include pre- and post-sale setup or other duties as needed.  If it is not possible to contribute more than the minimum 4 hours, out-of-area sellers could elect to pay an additional 5% commission on all sales.
  1. Members who live out of the area, but have not participated in the sale over the last 2 years, will be considered for inclusion only if they regularly participate in guild activities. (This is NOT just showing up for a guild meeting once a year!)

Approved 3/11/2020


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