How to login to the new site for the first time

Some people are having a hard time transitioning to the new site, so here is a bit of a troubleshooting guide to help you past some possible hurdles, in order.

Can you see the site at all?
We’ll assume that you can if you can read this :-).
But generally speaking, when you use your browser (what is it? is it up to date?) and go to do you see the welcome page at all? If not, what do you see? Can you see any other site normally, like ?

Did you register?
On this site, you need to register yourself individually the first time you use the site. You will be able to login using your email alone. Note that you should only register once – if you do it several times, you will get an ’email already in use’ message, and only the first password that you entered will be recorded, even if you forgot it later.

Are you a robot?
We have had to implement a captcha, a small step to eliminate robots.  It’s the simplest available, and works as on many other sites – simply click on images as instructed and you’re in.  This will only be necessary once.

Is your account activated?
Your account needs to be manually activated by a person, after checking your entry against the current member list.
The waiting time can vary, hopefully will remain around a day or so. But in any case you should wait till you receive a separate email telling you that your account has been activated and that you can login now.

Are you logged in?
On the right side column of any page (on a regular computer), or below the content (on a tablet/phone), do you see the “login status” block?

If you’re not logged in, you should still be able to see a handful of pages.
But try to login first, so you get the member-only content.

Login – remember the username here is your email address.
Did you forget your password? You can use the ‘forgot?’ link to get a new one sent to your registered email. Later you’ll be able to ‘edit your information’ (from the ‘Profile‘ menu item of the members ‘Join us’ section) to enter a new password you can remember.
If you’re sure of your password and still can’t login, what is the message?
And it’s OK to have your browser remember you on this site, there’s no earth-shattering info kept here.

Do you see the menu?
On an older screen (or a tablet or phone) you might not see the menu in words right off, but you might see instead 3 lines stacked on each other to the left of the logo – click on that and you’ll see the full menu displayed vertically.
If the menu only has a handful of items, that’s a hint that you’re not logged in, so go back and do that. The members menu has more than a dozen items.

Does the menu work?
Are you using the safari browser on a mac? There was a bug with the menu initially when using that combo. If you click on the menu now and still nothing happens, you need to clear the page from your browser cache – type ‘command + R’ to get a new copy of the page with the fix. (that’s the ‘command’ key and the ‘r’ key together). Then everything should be fine.

Some people also haven’t been getting to the main pages because they don’t realize a menu header is also a menu item. No, everything on a menu is fair game.. And the menu headers are pages with important information.

Note also that while you can download a pdf on a phone, they represent a whole page, so most of us can’t actually read them unless they’re on a computer :-). So if you’re trying to retrieve the sale instructions for instance, try to use a regular pc/mac desktop.

Many thanks to all the question-askers who have inadvertently helped develop this guide :-).

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