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Here is the 2020-2021 Roster. It was last updated on 10/9/2020. The Member Roster was mailed to each member in paper booklet form in October.

To view and print the roster, you must have Adobe Reader installed on your computer. If you do not have Adobe Reader, first download and install it (be sure to uncheck the ‘extra software’ spam offer box on the install page!). To print the addresses on double sided paper, please follow your printers instructions.

Guild Board 2020-2022
President D’Elin Lohr
Vice President – Thursday Programs Wendy-Marie Teichert
Vice President – Workshops Patricia Martin
Vice President – Saturday Meetings Rebecca Evans & Irene Rush
Recording Secretary Rosemary Thorne
Corresponding Secretary – Newsletter Jannie Taylor
Treasurer Karen Wiley
Study Group Coordinator Jannie Taylor
Librarians Rosemary & Kay Thorne
Membership Camille Nelson
Historian Marya Bolyanatz
Publicity/Highway Clean-up Becky Elwood
Outreach and Retreat Roberta Foster
Hospitality Becky Elwood & Else Drengler
Show & Sale Jannie Taylor
Web Site Karen McCleary
CNCH Representatives Kay Thorne & Else Drengler


Thursday All Guild Meeting

Thursday All Guild Meeting, October 8, 2020
Zoom recording for those who missed the live meeting!   Passcode:  +CU4$rLB
Speaker Information, Program Presentation, Class Discounts, Uzbekistan Tour.
Show and Tell Powerpoint
New Members Powerpoint

Thursday All Guild Meeting, September 10, 2020
Guild Challenge Powerpoint
Show and Tell Powerpoint


Saturday All Guild Meeting

Saturday All Guild Meeting, October 31, 2020
This activity will begin in early October via email and will culminate with a Zoom meeting on October 31.

Rebecca Evans, a member of our guild, will present this opportunity for learning Needle Felting.  In early October, participants will be provided with general information and a list of supplies.  They will then receive instructions for Needle Felting. Participants will work at their own pace and may participate in an email group that allows them to post questions and see answers to everyone else’s questions. 

To sign up contact  Irene at or Rebecca at


Meeting Minutes

General Meeting October 2020
General Meeting September 2020
Board Meeting August 2020

Special Board Meeting July 2020
Board Meeting June 2020
Special Board Meeting June 2020
Board Meeting April 2020
General Meeting March 2020
Board Meeting February 2020
General Meeting February 2020
General Meeting January 2020
Board Meeting January 2020
Holiday Party December 2019
General Meeting November 2019
Board Meeting October 2019


General meeting March 2019
Board meeting February 2019
General meeting February 2019
General meeting and holiday party, December 2018
Board meeting, December 2018
General meeting, November 2018
General meeting, October 2018
Board meeting, October 2018
General meeting, September 2018
Board meeting, August 2018


General meeting and picnic, June 2018
General meeting, May 2018
Board meeting, April 2018
General meeting, April 2018
General meeting, March 2018
Board meeting, February 2018
General meeting, February 2018
General meeting, January 2018
Board meeting, December 2017
General meeting, December 2017
General meeting, November 2017
Board meeting, October 2017
General meeting, October 2017
General meeting, September 2017
Board meeting, August 2017


General meeting, June 2017
General meeting, May 2017
Board meeting, April 2017
General meeting, April 2017
General meeting, March 2017
Board meeting, February 2017
General meeting, February 2017
General meeting, January 2017
Board meeting, December 2016
General meeting, December 2016
General meeting, November 2016
Board meeting, October 2016
General meeting, October 2016
General meeting, September 2016
Board Meeting, August 2016

2021 Guild Challenge

The 2021 Guild Challenge is “A Fishy Iridescence”

Design and weave a project that includes some element of iridescence (shimmer, sparkle or shine) that is inspired by an image of fish scales. Product, fiber and weave structure are your choice. Click here for some inspirational images.  Your shimmering creations will be showcased at the June 2021 picnic.



Seller Information for Annual Guild Sale

The 2020 Guild Sale is canceled!
Some of our members have agreed to sell their merchandise privately.  If you are looking for top quality, unique gifts for your friends and family – and maybe a treat or two for yourself, you may contact someone on our 2020 Guild Artisans list to arrange a private viewing of their goods.

Rules for Guild Sale 2020

New Policy regarding Eligibility to Participate in Sale 2020

Sale Minimum Prices 2020


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