Surprise change of look

More update hassles

Very sorry, another update seemed to have broken something else... This time, it was menus that were destroyed. Rather than leave the site in an unuseable state for many people, I brutally changed the theme to something else. You may notice some very strange looks here and there, but the fonctionality should be all fine. I'll work on making it more consistent over the next few days.

The main change you might notice is that the 'login' box you used to see in the right column is now at the bottom of the page.
The sliver lining: the site is now 100% ADA-compliant, which should improve things for some of our audience.

All my apologies - M-C

January/February meetings


Join us as usual at the United Methodist Church in SLO; 1515 Fredericks St., in the Terrace Room on the second Thursday of the month, 9:45 - 12:30. Light refreshments are provided; bring something for "Show & Tell", items for the raffle, and a few dollars to buy raffle tickets.

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Pass-it-forward unidentified loom

Another loom for a good home..
This one is setup in a garage in Atascadero. No weaving details at all or extra equipment as it's owned by a non-weaver: "a Philippine mahogany floor loom that is constructed with mortise and tenon joints. My husband and I purchased the loom while we were in the Peace Corps and would like to give it away to a good home. "
Please contact Pam Howard