Sheep to Shawl

Sheep to Shawl

We will be having our yearly Sheep to Shawl event the first weekend of October. The venue is Dinosaur Park in Shell Beach. come visit our booth on Sunday, October 2, 2016, 11am to 4pm.

This is not a competitive event, we arrive in the morning with a loom already warped, and we spin the weft and weave the shawl during the day. We also have some weaving-related activities for children, and we raffle off the shawl we made last year. Were you thinking of joining the guild? Come meet us!

Mid-State Fair 2016

Mid-State Fair July 21-30th 2016

The Mid-State Fair is a great place to show your work and even win some prize money! You can enter items in each of the 10 weaving and 10 spinning classes; there is no fee to enter.

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